0.6W Metal Film Resistor 15K

Product code: RC3-604
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A high stability, low tolerance, 0.6W metal film resistor suitable for a wide range of applications where a higher power rating is required but in a relativel small body size

Case Type: Axial
Body Diameter: 2.3mm
Body Length: 6mm
Type: Metal Film
Tolerance: 1%
Voltage: 350V
Operating Temperature: -55°C to +155°C
Power Rating: 0.6W
Resistance: 15K
Temperature Coefficient: 50ppm/°C

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Technical specifications

Type Metal Film
Tolerance 1%
Voltage 350V
Power Rating 0.6W
Resistance 15K
Unit Pricing Measure price each
Temperature Coefficient 50ppm/°C
Case Type Axial
Product Code RC3-604
Weight 0kg