0R1 HS 100W Arcol Aluminium Clad Resistor

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100W aluminium clad wirewound power resistor from the Arcol HS series. High quality and stability. Designed for heatsink mounting using thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. Manufactured in line with the requirements of IEC115 and MIL18546.

Standard heatsink area (cm²): 995
Type: Alum. Clad Wirewound
Tolerance: ±5%
Voltage: 1.9KV
Power Rating: 100W
Resistance: 0R1
Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm
Case Type: Chassis Mounting
Fixing Centres: 40 x 37
Dimensions (body) L x H x D (mm): 65.2 x 24.1 x 27.3
Fixing holes: x4
Insulation resistance (Dry): 10,000 MΩ minimum
Max AC working voltage: 1900V

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Technical specifications

Type Alum. Clad Wirewound
Tolerance ±5%
Voltage 1.9KV
Power Rating 100W
Resistance 0R1
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm
Case Type Chassis Mounting
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Product Code KV3-878
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