12-segment Green & Red LED Array

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Product information

A Kingbright°® LED array featuring 8 x green and 4 x red LEDs which are equally spaced in a white plastic housing. It is possible to mount multiple arrays end stacked to create an LED array to the length you require. Each LED is connected seperately (both anode and cathode). The device is ideal for applications such as level meters.

IP Rating: IP65
Length: 58mm
Brand: Kingbright
Height: 12mm
Width: 7mm
RoHS Compliance: RoHS Compliant
Colour: Red / green
Forward Voltage: 2 / 2.2V
Forward Current: 30 / 20mA
Luminous Intensity: 7.7 / 5.6mcd

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Product Code TW1-865
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