360 Tie Point Prototyping Board

Product code: HA3-012
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A simple and incredibly low cost plug block board which can be used and re-used for circuit prototyping prior to soldering the project permanently. There are 30 Rows of 12 holes. The 12 holes across the width of the block are arranged in two strips of 6 electrically connected holes. Allowing devices like Dual-in-Line integrated circuits to be mounted in the centre of the board. The board has a self-adhesive pad on the back for mounting and is marked with a matrix style number and letter marking system to allow you to record exact positions of components.

Number of LEDs: 2
Length: 83mm
Height: 10mm
Width: 42mm
Rows: 30

Technical specifications

Length 83mm
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Product Code HA3-012
Weight 0.03kg