3W 10 Turn Wire Potentiometer 20K

Product code: FF5-570
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Product information

From the Spectrol 534 series, this multiturn potentiometer has a resistance range which is variable through 10 turns of the device's spinde. Being a wirewound potentiometer the device has a far greater power handling capability than many potentiometers and so can be used to dim or control quite demanding loads without the need for further interface electronics.

Resistance Tolerance: 5%
Height: 19.05mm
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C
Power Rating: 2W
Resistance: 20K
Temperature Coefficient: 20ppm/°C
Terminal Type: Solder Lug
Number of Turns: 10
Shaft Length: 20.62mm
Mounting Style: Bush
Resistor Element Type: Wirewound
Rotational Life: 1000000Cycles

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Product Code FF5-570
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