52mm LED Cluster Red Green

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An ultrabright Kingbright°® LED cluster with 50 5mm red LEDS, ideal for powerful outdoor applications.

Momentary: Terminal Type
Length: 43mm
Width: 52mm
Colour: Super Bright Red
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Power Rating: 2800mW
Forward Voltage: 9.3V
Forward Current: 300mA
Luminous Intensity: 21000mcd
Viewing Angle: 40°
Reverse Voltage: 5V
Peak Wavelength: 660nm
Bulb Size: 52mm

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Technical specifications

Colour Super Bright Red
Forward Voltage 9.3V
Forward Current 300mA
Luminous Intensity 21000mcd
Unit Pricing Measure price each
Viewing Angle 40°
Product Code FF1-360
Weight 0.075kg