55/0.1 Extra Flexible Wire Green

Product code: FF6-410
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An extra flexible multi-strand cable which can stand up to the demands of being constantly moved and flexed. This type of cable is often used in test applications (such as banana and multimeter leads ) due to it's relativey high current carrying capability coupled with its ultra-flexible nature. A range of colours is available.

Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Length: 25m
Cable Diameter: 2.8mm
Type: Extra Flexible
Colour: Green
Operating Temperature: 60°C
Current Rating: 6A
Voltage Rating: 1kV
Weight: 380g
Insulation Material: PVC
No. of Cores: 1
Conductor Stranding: 55/0.1mm
Standards: DEF61-12 Part 6, BS6746

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Technical specifications

Cable Diameter 2.8mm
Colour Green
Current Rating 6A
Voltage Rating 1kV
Unit Pricing Measure price per metre
Insulation Material PVC
No. of Cores 1
Conductor Stranding 55/0.1mm
Product Code FF6-410
Weight 0.015kg