958 Tie Point Prototyping Board

Product code: HE3-018
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Product information

A plug block board which can be used and re-used for circuit prototyping prior to soldering the project permanently. There are of 958 holes (known also as tie points) which are arranged as four sets of 28 rows of 6 interconnected contact sockets in addition to a large breakout area at the bottom of the board. The board also features 5 different coloured external connectors which can be connected to either 4mm banana plugs or have wires directly screwed to them. Each of these terminals is prewired to five colour coded tie points at the top of the board. This makes them ideal for use as power connectors or circuit output connectors. The board has a large double sided sticky pad across its entire underside allowing the board to be semi-permenantly mounted on any flat surface

Internal Width: 3.1mm
Length: 83mm
Width: 147mm
RoHS Compliance: RoHS Compliant
Colour: White
Material: ABS polymer
Board Thickness: 19mm

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Technical specifications

Length 83mm
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Product Code HE3-018
Weight 0.138kg