9M 16/0.2mm Single Core Hook Up Wire Pack 9x Colours

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An economical pack of high quality, PVC insulated, multi-strand wire suitable for a wide range of inter-connection applications. This wire is ideal, for example, to connect chassis mounted components (such as displays, LEDs, Potentiometers) to other chassis mounted components and circuit boards. This pack contains 9 individual pieces of wire in 9 different colours, each piece 1 metre in length.

Cable Diameter: 1.55mm
Diameter: 1.55mm
Current Rating: 4A
Voltage Rating: 1000V RMS
Insulation Material: PVC
No. of Cores: 1
Conductor Stranding: 16/0.2mm
Current: 3A
Rating: 1kVrms
Thickness: 0.2mm
Contents: Brown.

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Technical specifications

Cable Diameter 1.55mm
Current Rating 4A
Voltage Rating 1000V RMS
Insulation Material PVC
No. of Cores 1
Conductor Stranding 16/0.2mm
Unit Pricing Measure price per pack
Product Code TW1-155
Weight 0.1kg