Micro Axial Fuse 5A Quick Blow

Product code: FF7-830
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Product information

A range of micro miniature sized axial component fuses designed for hardwiring into circuits to protect components such as motors against over current. Behaviour is similar to that of a conventional fuse and a choice of slow blow (also known as time-delay or time-lag) and fast blow fuses are available in a wide range of current ratings

Interrupting Rating: 30A
Length: 6.8mm
Width: 2.4mm
Lead Length: 28mm
Current Rating: 5A
Voltage Rating: 250Vac
Body Material: Epoxy Coated
Standards: UL, CSA
Fuse Size: 2.4 x 7mm
Fuse Characteristic: Very Fast Acting

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Product Code FF7-830
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