Motor With Worm Drive Gearbox

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Product information

A robust module featuring a motor, with a worm-drive nylon gearbox which is ideal for model making where a high torque is required, for example on driven wheels on a vehicle or robot. The gearbox is pre-drilled to allow easy screw fitting to a flat surface.

Operating Voltage (DC): 250V
Current: 0.1A to 1A (load dependant)
Axle Diameter: 3mm
Max Input Voltage: 6V
Min Input Voltage: 1V
Axle Length: 125mm
Gearbox Ratio: 42:1
Motor Speed (No Load): 17,100 RPM
Motor Stall Torque: 220g-cm
Overall Module Height: 40mm
Overall Module Length: 60mm

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Product Code XD3-010
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