Nichrome Resistance Wire 22 SWG

Product code: WD3-062
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Nichrome wire, so called because of its composition from Nickel (approx. 60%) and Chromium (approx. 15%) is also often called Resistance Wire. It is ideal for use in applications requiring a heating element and is also often used for ignition in applications such as fireworks / pyrotechnics. The wire has excellent resistance to corrosion also.

Weight per Metre: 2.025 g
Cable Diameter: 0.71mm
Diameter: 0.711 mm
Colour: Self Colour
Current Rating: N/A
Voltage Rating: N/A
Insulation Material: N/A
No. of Cores: 1
Conductor Stranding: 1/22SWG
Wire Size: 22SWG
Max Operating Temperature: 1,100 °C
Core Diameter: 0.711mm
Reistance per Metre: 2.821Ω

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Technical specifications

Cable Diameter 0.71mm
Colour Self Colour
Current Rating N/A
Voltage Rating N/A
Insulation Material N/A
No. of Cores 1
Conductor Stranding 1/22SWG
Unit Pricing Measure price per metre
Product Code WD3-062
Weight 0.003kg