Velleman PIC Programmer and Experiment Board K8048

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From our extensive range of high quality Velleman Electronics Kits this item builds a project suitable for programming and experimenting with Microchip°® FLASH PIC° microcontrollers and supports 4 different 300 mil. PICs: 8p, 14p, 18p and 28p. Test buttons and LED indicators to carry out educational experiments are included, along with enclosed programming examples. The kit is easily connected to a PC through the serial port and comes complete with a Flash Microcontroller (PIC16F627) that can be reprogrammed up to 1000 times for experimenting at will. Software to compile and program your source code is available on the Velleman website. Minimum PC system requirements: IBM Compatible PC, Pentium or better, Windows° 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, CDROM, free serial RS232 port.Serial cable not included. All Velleman projects feature a high quality PCB, building instructions and (unless otherwise stated), all the components required to construct the kit. Basic soldering skills and equpment are needed to complete this kit. Please note: we also offer a pre-built version of this kit which can be purchased in the Projects section of our store.

Temperature: 110°C
Brand: Velleman
Type: Electronics experiments

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Product Code TW1-720
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